A few years ago I had a nervous break down. I suffer from anxiety and depression. From day to day I can keep it under control but ever now and then I have a full breakdown. After many years of suffering, I turned it into a great thing. I usually step away from work (if it's not full wedding season) and take off by myself. I discover so much more about who I am and usually what causes the break downs. One break down I decided to take a U.S. Southwest trip. I started in New Mexico to visit a childhood friend. We went to Taos (my favorite place), stayed in Santa Fe and drove to the White Sands National Park. OMG a must do in your life. After New Mexico, I flew to Austin and happen to stumble upon a music festival. That trip changed my life. I was so inspired by the Santa Fe artist and the chill lifestyle, I knew I wanted something more.

A side a note.... I got my cards read at a vegan lunch spot and she predicted I would start a business with flowers. At this point in my life I was toying with the idea but not sold. A few days after I reached out to my favorite floral designers in the Bay and asked if they needed an intern. I became one of their first interns. I lasted for a few months then started Ash + Oak. 

This week I am daydreaming about New Mexico.