Ceremony backdrops, hanging installations and wow Instagram worthy floral pieces are all the rave. I wanted to share with you what to expect from 2019. Forget that basic eucalyptus garland because we have the hottest ideas. Sorry wedding blogs and Pinterest but you got nothing on me.

FYI These installations are NOT low budget ideas, if you want something this beautiful expect to send big.

Installation Inspo
Installation Inspo
Installation Inspo
Installation Inspo
Installation Inspo
Installation Inspo


In 2018 we had the opportunity to work with so many color palettes, which made our job much more exciting. We wanted to share with you the colors we are inspired to work with in 2019. Though, most of these color don’t translate to flowers they make great linens, dresses and small details that tie in perfectly with our flowers. If you see something you like reach out and book us now!


Ash + Oak Ribbon Inspo

At Ash + Oak we use hand dyed silk and chiffon ribbons from a handful of companies. A few of our favorites are Silk and Willow , FrouFrou and Tornado & co. These beautiful ribbons add the prefect touch to our bridal bouquets and boutonnières. We use hand dyed ribbons because they are made with natural dyes and are environmentally friendly. Fabric dyes are horrible on the Earth and for the workers.

Extra long flowing ribbons have been on trend for the past few years. For 2019 we will be leaning towards shorter lengths but with more texture and pops of color that compliment your color palette. 

We are super excited to bring in olive green, tan, terra cotta and more mustard yellow. These earthy tones are a fun play on modern white and blush weddings. 

We are also excited to bring in a few textures next year. We are looking into a few new companies that carry vintage lace, velvets, crinkle silks, gauze and leather. We love trying new ideas and seeking out new trends. 


Fall autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love watching the colors change from green to orange to red. If I ever decide to get married I would defiantly elope in the fall. Something about an Indian Summer and the dead leaves really wins me over. These mood board are inspiration for my dream elopement. 

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