I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t use my blog to for anything but flowers, tips, inspo and real weddings but I feel I need to write about this because it’s weighing on my shoulders.

The California fires are out of control and the devastation is heartbreaking. Last year, I volunteered with a organization to help feed shelters and firefighters during the Napa Valley fire. I put my business on hold and drove back and forth to Napa every day for three weeks. I found numerous businesses in the Bay Area to donate food and goods. I personally went out and bought two families all new clothes, blankets and much more. I touched the lives of individuals that had lost everything and had no idea what to do next. Hearing their stories of how they survived broke my heart into pieces. I feed the National Guard and got to walk around the base and see hundreds of men and women sleeping on cots for days to help get the fires under control.

To see a community come together and support each other was the most amazing thing I have EVER been apart of. A high school basketball coach brought in his team of boys to help us make 340 sandwiches for one shelter. We had a volunteer who lost his house but felt the he need to help others. He drove our delivery van all through the fires from Santa Rosa to Napa to delivery meals to the National Guard, Police officers and firefighters. He was there day and night every day for almost four weeks. One of our volunteers was a twenty something kid from England traveling down the West Coast on holiday. Once he heard about the fires he extended his trip and worked in our kitchen for weeks. He had no place to stay or money but volunteered his time. He slept in his car and cooked meals during the day. There were so many more amazing people and stories to tell from that 3 weeks that I could write a book.

This year when the Redding fires started I was in the middle of wedding season and could not help. I felt awful I could not do my part. Once the camp fire started I also felt the same way. A member of my family is very ill and dying so I needed to be home in Seattle. I all could do when it started was donate a few dollars that I could spare.

The foundation I worked last year was started by a husband and wife who just had a second baby and had their handful. BUT that didn’t stop them from starting our foundation back up. They are a week behind but have pulled it together and are on their way to help. I am thrilled I will be assisting them and doing my part again this year and every year or fire to come.

Now that I have moved to an area at high risk of fires I am extremely scare that this will happen to my family as well. But I know that if it does I will have support because the Napa Valley BBQ Foundation Fund will be there to support another fire. Thank you team and I can’t wait to get out there and help again.

Please help support the victims in any way you can. Visit Napa Valley Foundation Funds on Facebook. EVERY penny you donate goes directly to the cause.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.52.07 AM.png
Napa Valley Fire Ash + oak
Napa Valley Fire Ash + Oak
National Guard Ash + Oak