The year is half over, and there have been some significant pivots in the wedding world plus some fresh trends we love. The first trend we are noticing is more and more couples are moving away from RUSTIC and moving towards modern. Wait, don’t jump the gun and assume modern is the round ball of UGLY flowers, that's considered classic. The wild look which people believe is boho is actually dutch style or trying to be. The contemporary look we are talking about is full of texture, and a combination of Ikebana meets minimal. Also known as California or West Coast method of arranging. I am not sure how or who created this look but we West Coasters did.

Northern California Top Wedding and Event Florist Ash + Oak

This modern vibe isn’t just in the flowers; it’s in all the decor styling from the modern flatware to copper metal chairs. No more benches, or haystacks it’s all about the chair this season.

Farm tables are still trending, but we are seeing more and more linens or simple runners to cover the rustic wood look — no more burlap or eucalyptus garlands for these farm tables.

We are more than excited and are 100% on board with these trends. To be honest, our style has never been rustic, which you can tell in our personal style. We lean towards the modern minimalist style with a little edge or rock n roll vibes.

We are even noticing the modern look take over the bridal runway. The Blazer and the fitted jumpsuit are back on trend. Again, less boho and rustic and more modern and clean.

Something else we are noticing in weddings these days is the baby’s breath takeover. Wait…. How can baby’s breath be trending when rustic weddings are fading away. Well, that’s a good question, but us, West Coast florist, are making baby’s breath modern by clumping it together and using it as greenery instead of a filler. The filler look is what you see with the red roses at the grocery store. EEK not for us.

Top Northern California Wedding and Event Florist Ash + Oak

As you can see below, we are making these flowers feel modern. It’s even popping up in different colors. Florist are dying and spray painting these babies all sorts of color from bright pink to black (whoops that was us).

The smaller arrangement is making a comeback as well. The oversized and large bouquet was a huge request for the last five years, and I am ready for a small and simple bouquet. When I say simple and small, I don't mean a posy bouquet of all roses. I mean monochromatic or less greenery and more flowers. Intentional but messy is how I like to describe it. As if you were in your garden picking flowers, not a whole field.

We are always a sucker for muted tones, but we predict color is making a comeback too — not a crazy messy mix of flowers with ugly vases but monochromatic or color blocking. As a leader in the industry, we get bored creating the same old things, so we experiment. Remember when you were a kid you and your mom said you could never mix black clothes with brown shoes or vice-versa. Now we mix black, and brown like it’s required. Well, that’s what we are doing with wedding flower colors. Combining orange and yellow tones with touches of blue or terracotta with purple hues. There is no right or wrong combo this year as long as it's tasteful.

Ash + Oak Floral

The wedding blog world is pivoting the industry by restricting what they post. A few years back, we designer needed content on our website or social media accounts, so we started creating styled shoots (unpaid of course). Since we were paying for the cost and it was on our own time we created all the things we image but was hard to sell to real clients. We would make unattainable installations for the average bride or creating installation your venue wouldn't allow attached to their walls or ceilings. I believe the readers started to complain, and now blogs are being picked about what they post, which is great for us too for two reasons. Keeping up with these elaborate designs was costing me more money out of my pocket. Second, it's tough to tell a bride that has a $4,500 you can't afford that $2,500 installation or you can, but it won't be nearly as big or cool. It's been a significant change, and I am all for it. Real weddings or paid editorial should be the only thing blog post.

I hope you enjoyed our 2019 trends because 2020 is going to be even better.