Ash + Oak Women in Business

When did you start your business or career?

Age 19. Going 9 years strong.

What do you do?

Licensed hairstylist and licensed barber. Making people the best of themselves.

Who inspired you or what inspires you?

Fashion, music, strong independent women.

Ash + Oak Women in Business

A struggle you face in your business?

The price rises of the Bay Area have increased salon rent. Also how underrated hairstylist are to the state and community. I have a 4 page resume of education, however this field does not come with sick pay, vacation pay, or retirement.

Have you stay true to your brand (career) or have you changed it throughout the years?

Stayed true %100 and never looked back.

Ash + Oak Women in Business

Something that scares you?

Growing old. Being a hairstylist is a physical job. I use every part of my body.

What do you do to keep your sanity?


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Give one tip or advice to someone who maybe interested in your biz?

Success doesn’t happen over night.

Would you own your own studio? If so, what's holding you back right now?

Yes! That is the dream. San Francisco has become to high is housing rent, that a salon rent on top of that is very complicated. The question I ask myself is, -is San Francisco holding me back?

What was your worst hair cut as a kid?

5th grade! I have curly hair. When I went home and washed it, I went to school the next day looking like a mushroom top with straggly ends

Ash + Oak Women in Business

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