Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

If I could create one off the wall, most crazy conceptual wedding it would be inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Her art is one of a kind and forever lasting. She is creating art well off into her 90’s. Yayoi is a walking piece of art, her pink bob hair cut to polka dot clothing.

Two years ago Katie and I waited in line in the freezing cold at 5am to view her work at the Seattle Art Museum. Let me tell you the long wait, the freezing cold and running in and out of Starbucks every 30 minutes for 2 hours to stay warm was all worth it.

The infinity mirror was amazing but my her ability to imagine something so simple and interactive with each piece is exactly how I feel about weddings. Each wedding should stay true to your brand through in and out and be interactive. Make your guest get involved or feel “ this is really Sarah and Brian.”

Below I have created my dream Yayoi Kusama inspired wedding.

Each wedding guest would be required to wear polka dots.

Wedding inspo for Polka Dot Wedding Ash + Oak

For my dream client Yayoi or the couple that lets me get extra creative, I would create a modern urban polka dot wedding.

To start the guest would receive minimal artistic paper goods. Each invite will arrive with red circle stickers to check the RSVP box pulling a little inspiration from Yayoi sticker rooms.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 4.45.48 PM.png
Ash + Oak wedding inspo

On the invites each guest will be asked to wear at least one piece of clothing with polka dots. If they arrive without polka dots we will have a mix of neck scarves in all colors waiting for them.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK
Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

The guest will arrive at an Art Gallery or industrial space where the entire venue is covered in polka dots. The ceremony will be white with red polka dots, and the reception will be white with black polka dots. Upon arrival, each guest will be greeted with sparkling wine with blueberries (dots). The guest will be asked to take a seat on a bean bag like chairs with red polka dots similar to Yayoi’s installations.

The bride will be dressed in a modern white long gown, of course, she will be wearing black and white polka dot heels. The groom will be wearing a black suit with a white shirt and of course polka dot shoes.

As for the bridal bouquet she will be carrying an all red bouquet. No foliage or other tones, just a monochromatic small red bouquet.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK loho bride

After the ceremony, the guest would move to cocktail hour where you fill in circle with paint on a ex-large canvas instead of signing a guest book. Remember those fun house mirror rides at the carnival, well thats’ what will entertain our guest for the hour.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

The bartenders will be dressed in yellow and black ties to represent Yayoi yellow and black pumpkins. Each drink will be served in a modern glass coupe with personalized yellow cocktail napkins. Each napkin would have a quote from the couples favorite artist. Everything doesn’t have to be polka dot, and if it’s not, it’s going to be extra fashionable.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

Once the cocktail hour is over the guest will enter the reception room inspired by Yayoi Infinity Net painting. Don’t forget….this room will be white with black polka dots painted floor to ceiling. The escort sign will be created out of mirrors hanging within the black polka dots on the walls. The tables will be in rectangle rows with black linens. Each guest will sit on ghost chairs covered in black polka dots creating the illusion of floating black dots. The table will have round white plates with mirror dinner menus. The table will be set with modern white ceramic candle holders with white tapered candles. The flowers will be designed in small round white dishes with black frogs, ikebana style — a little of Yayoi’s Japanese heritage.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

Once the guest is situated, the bride and groom will walk in a wardrobe change — the bride now in a white and black pant with a jacket with a full polka dot train. The groom will be wearing a black and white polka dot suit similar to the Gorge Clooney suit for W magazine.

After a beautiful dinner, the guest will be invited into a room full of mirrors and glowing balls with polka dots to dance the night away.

Polka Dot Wedding Ash + OAK

I dedicate this wedding to one amazing and inspiring woman who would not let anyone tell her she could not create, Yayoi Kusama. She is and will forever be my inspiration to push my creativity to infinity.