Ash + Oak Floral

A week from today we will be celebrating International Women’s Day. Traditionally, flowers are the symbol and gift of IWD, so don’t forget to send to your personal Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emma Watson or Gloria Steinem some flowers.  

As a woman-owned and operated business, we support all women, especially working women. We walked the women’s march, we buy from women-owned business and we tend women activists events.

As a young girl to my early teen years I knew back then I was a feminist. I know this word has so many new meanies but back when I was 12 I remember arguing with boys or teachers about equality.

Ash + Oak Floral

My mother who is one of my strongest influences taught me to work hard and let no man or anyone to tell me what I could or couldn’t do. Having a 17-year old sister I constantly remind her she can be strong and change the world. Her dream job is to become the first female NFL coach. I could care less about football but I hope she makes her dream come true. I would be extremely proud of her. If she decides to stay at home and be a mom I would be just as proud. We have to hold no judgment against each other.

Ash + Oak Floral

Wither your a working mom or lawyer we have to stick together and let no one put boundaries on us! Say something empowering today to a woman stranger! I am sure she could use a boost from you!