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Deneesha reached out to Ash + Oak 1 week before her last-minute elopement at City Hall the day after her birthday which was also The Fourth of July. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on the job since delivery would have to be on the 4th because the couple had to be at city hall at 9 am, Friday. Then she sent me her inspiration, and I said yes.

Top Northern California Wedding Florist Ash + Oak
Northern California Top Wedding and Event Florist Ash + Oak

She sent me a few examples of baby’s breath used for a men’s runway show (not Rodarte) and a storefront installation but in blue and purple tones. I was pumped. Then I sent her a few pics, and she changed her mind and went with orange, red and yellow hues to match her red lipstick. OMG, it looked amazing, and I am so happy I worked on a holiday for this couple.

I truly love my JOB.

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