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Fall autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love watching the colors change from green to orange to red. If I ever decide to get married I would defiantly elope in the fall. Something about an Indian Summer and the dead leaves really wins me over. These mood board are inspiration for my dream elopement. 


Being an Earth sign I always gravitate to earthy tones and textures. I wonder how many Earth signs are florists? If I am not surrounded by natural elements I tend to freak out. I tried living in the desert which lasted for about a year before I realized I needed to be around water and greenery. Below are a few things I am inspired by. 


I can't believe the summer is almost over. No more picnics, river days, paddle boarding and outside friend dinners. This summer I have spent all my free time swimming, playing or fixing up my new apartment. It's been the best summer.

The things I am loving and about to miss about August. 


A few years ago I had a nervous break down. I suffer from anxiety and depression. From day to day I can keep it under control but ever now and then I have a full breakdown. After many years of suffering, I turned it into a great thing. I usually step away from work (if it's not full wedding season) and take off by myself. I discover so much more about who I am and usually what causes the break downs. One break down I decided to take a U.S. Southwest trip. I started in New Mexico to visit a childhood friend. We went to Taos (my favorite place), stayed in Santa Fe and drove to the White Sands National Park. OMG a must do in your life. After New Mexico, I flew to Austin and happen to stumble upon a music festival. That trip changed my life. I was so inspired by the Santa Fe artist and the chill lifestyle, I knew I wanted something more.

A side a note.... I got my cards read at a vegan lunch spot and she predicted I would start a business with flowers. At this point in my life I was toying with the idea but not sold. A few days after I reached out to my favorite floral designers in the Bay and asked if they needed an intern. I became one of their first interns. I lasted for a few months then started Ash + Oak. 

This week I am daydreaming about New Mexico.


In the studio we get very bored and constantly talk about our dream clients. For this mood board we created a our current dream client. Artsy, of course with a bit of modern edge. We hope you like it.......maybe even let us design it for you!


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