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I try really hard to be a minimalist but sometimes I just want things and more things. I swear my neighbors must think I am a crazy shopahaulic because we constantly have boxes at our front door, but this is not {entirely} the case. I rarely buy things for me. Most of our deliveries are for Ash + Oak, which helps with my shopping addiction ;)

Things I'm loving and dreaming of from clothes, to the house and travel.... 


Thanks to Passion Sue Flowers we have revamped the world of corsages. They are more comfortable and stylish than your high school corsage. Trust me the moms and grandmothers are so impressed. They rave on and on about them. 

Tip number one: Use Oasis Floral Glue. I have tried every type but the Oasis brand is the best!!!

Tip number two: Adorn the flowers the night before but attach them right before your done for the evening. Use flat flowers such as ranunculus, cosmos, hellebore, and silver brunia.  

Tip number three: Double check them first thing in the morning and glue the loose pieces.

Tip number four: Keep them from falling over during delivery. We keep them together and use tissue paper to support them. 

Tip number five: Attach a cute name tag!

Photography by: Jess Rankin, Holly Shankland

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