Ash + Oak and Dia Photography are launching a new project together and I am super excited to share it with everyone. We are putting together a workshop and shootout for new photographers and other wedding vendors. Our first event is for new photographers so other vendors stay tuned unless you want to learn how to use your camera better to get those rad Instagram pics.

Our first workshop is on May 18th 2019 and the locations is a secret until you book your ticket. You wont need a flight or anything crazy like that, if you already live in the Bay or Northern Cali.

Nomad Workshops

After many workshops, webinars, workbooks and so many meet-ups I have learned very little and spent sooooooooo much money. I was tired of this and wanted to put something out their for people like me. I am not saying there aren’t great workshops out there or that ours is the answer. However, we are laying it all out.

Are you looking to learn how to price, what social media tools and tricks we use, what our steps to booking clients is well look no further. I will tell you my exact steps and trust me I have tried so many different things.

Diana will help teach you one on one a few tricks with the camera while you shoot a beautiful styled shoot I set up for you. More details will come after Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned.

Oh and we are doing it all outdoors and getting adventurous with it! PACK YOUR BAGS!

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