Winter Tablescapes

Cool Modern Christmas

Most holiday decor is red and green but we wanted to create a modern cool vibe. If your like me, a minimalist you don't want to have store decor for next year or waste money on something that doesn't ass value to your life. We suggest using a few cotton branches and pears. We added acrylic menus that can be erased and reused for other occasions and a few paper name tags. Keeping is simple is stress free and easy.

Warm Cozy Holiday Table

The complete opposite of our cool modern Christmas we created a warm cozy table decor using wood trees and pomegranates. We found these beautiful Italian blue striped plates at a local thrift store and these wood tree ornaments at Target for a $1. You don't need to spend a lot to make something look expensive. 


Florals and Styling: By Us!

Photography: Cheers Babe Photography

Spring Ranch Mendocino

Last week we had the honor to be apart of Mendocino's Decompression Party. The amazing Madeline from Fern Foot Events hosted a gathering of local wedding vendors to the visit Spring Ranch and drink wine and decompress.  We got to decorate the house with our lovely flowers to showcase each room. I have to say it was lovely chatting with other vendors and hearing how their wedding season went. It was wonderful to feel the support over the competition and to meet such wonderful mellow and pleasant vendors. We are so thrilled to be expanding our business up north and welcoming the free spirited coastal brides and grooms!

Mid Century Rock N Roll Wedding

When you walked into Danger and Devon's wedding you felt like you walked into their house in Fresno. I added small touches of records, starburst and guitars for accent decor. It had a rock n roll vibe (the groom is in a band) mixed with a retro feel (the bride owns a vintage truck boutique). It was one of the first weddings we got to add so many details  about the bride and groom without be catchy. I just love this couple and everything about their day.  

Wild Succulent Garden Elopement

If you haven't been to Ruth Bancrofts Succulent Garden, you must go. It's a hidden gem in Walnut Creek and for any floral designer/plant lover it's like Disneyland. Diana from Dia Photography and I wanted to design a moody and edgy elopement to contrast the lush desert feel. I wanted to use a mix of burgundy and reds to add a romantic touch to our tattooed bride. 

Florals by Us!

Photography: Diana Gonzales

Dried Elements are TREDING

We couldn't be more happy that dried elements are making a scene. We collect dried goods year around and store them in our studio when the perfect opportunity arises. We have been sneaking bits and pieces into our bridal bouquets this year.  Our adiction to dried florals started last spring when we created a giant dried bouquet for a boudior shoot at Point Reyes.

We think in 2018 you will see more dried pieces throughout the year and plenty next fall. Beware 2018 brides because I will sneaking some into your bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and your installations. Below we created a few mood boards of what to expect.

The Future is Female

When I feel the world is getting me down and I feel like giving up, I review these amazing photos from last years boudior shoot. She empowers so much strength, beauty and positivity.  I believe I can do whatever and be whoever I want. We as females can not let other people tell us who and what we have to do. We need to stay strong when things get though and stick it out to the bitter end. It will always work out! We need to support each other and help each other grow and become strong. We need to work together to climb to the top. We need to empower all females!

Mood Boards Created by US!

Need a little help editing your ideas for your big day? We can help. We love when brides and grooms send us links to your Pinterest but sometimes it's a hot mess. Too many ideas for  one wedding. We will edit your ideas and create the prefect concept, theme or vibe. A few examples below....


Muted Moody

Secret Garden 

Warm Tones

Slate Gray

Lauren + John

Lauren and John were wed at St Mary's Church in May 2017. After the beautiful ceremony they celebrated at Wildwood Acres Resort. They dance and celebrated with family and friends while the twinkle lights sparkled through the night. 

Lauren wanted to mix blush tones and peonies with succulent. The Cinderella baby blue bridesmaids dresses complimented the soft tones of succulents and blush roses.  

Florals: By Us!

Getting Ready Venue: LaFayette Park Hotel

Ceremony Venue: Santa Maria Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Wildwood Acres Resort

Coordination: Jenessa from Entourage Events

Dress: Wtoo Logan Dress from Janene’s Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Betsy Johnson

Hair: I Do Dry Style Lounge

Makeup: Nicole Pietkiewicz

Jewelry: Kate Spade

Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August

Catering: Wildwood Acres Resort


Cake Stands: Julia's Cake Stand Rentals

DJ: Mark Welch Entertainment

Photography: Tanya & Victor

Emily + Chris

Emily and Chris were married at Fort Mason Center for the Arts in September. My favorite element was the boutonnieres. We used cannabis, house plant foliage and ranunculus wrapped in blush silk ribbon. After meeting with the bride and groom we found out the groom enjoys a little cannabis once in awhile so we thought, why not? It's a prefect wedding favor for your groomsmen, bridesmaids or guests! You can add cannabis to any wedding and keep it elegant and fresh.  

Thanksgiving Is HERE


This year I wanted to create a few easy DIY tablescapes that were affordable. My first tablescape was a Friendsgiving inspired. The best thing about Friendsgiving is you get to create your own rules and traditions. Since living in the Bay Area I have hosted Friendsgiving almost every year for the past 8 years. I am vegan, honestly it's just easier for me to host. I really enjoy it and am kind of a control freak. 

My first DIY tablescape was inspired by eating with your hands. I wanted to create a cheese board that was the main event. Friendsgiving doesn't have to be hours of slaving in the kitchen it can be wine, cheese and games. At my house it's usually games and Home Alone or a sappy Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Being vegan cheese plates usually don't make it on my table but there are great vegan options but I don't torture my friends. There are so many other great options on a cheese board I fill up fast without the cheese. 

For this tablescape I spent under $100. I found this great mid century wood wall art piece at Goodwill but from Target for $3. It was the perfect size for a large cheese board. I bought the linens from World Market for $4 each and the mustard yellow candles for $5. The $4 white plates came from Target. I found the brass candle holders and brass compote vases at goodwill and spent a total of $18 on all of them. The vases were also found at the goodwill though they were CB2 for $3 and $4. The most expensive thing I bought was the salt dish from Bed Bath and Beyond at $12. The plate treatment of dried Queen Anne's Lace forged along the side of the road with the pampas grass and thistle. I also forged the lovely green and red leaf greenery. The name tags were written on gourds and squashes found at the flower market for $1 each. You can also find them at Trader Joes, where I found the persimmons, cheese, nuts and fruit. 

DIY #2

For my second DIY Thanksgiving dinner I wanted a little more traditional and fancier. Total spent was under $200. This is a little high but the table runner was from a local small business and was $70. The rest was stuff around the house or good deals. 

First off the Happy Thanksgiving sign was just kraft paper I had around the house. Obviously, I have more arts and craft items around but when I was at the Dollar Store they were selling a small roll for $1. The silverware was mixed and matched from the goodwill a total of $15. We used the same name tags as above. The plates were mix matched from target for $5 each, world market for $7 and the last two were from my house (cb2 $8 each). The plate menu was $8. The plate from world market and the stand Michea's for $1. The candle holders were made from copper pipes I had left over from an art installation and the candles were from Ikea years ago. The wine glasses are $1 from the Dollar Store. The persimmons and gourds from the Flower Market and Trader Joe's for $1 each and bittersweet the flower market ($15). Lastly, the linens were from World Market for $2 each. The "I am thankful" clipboards were hanging up in my office. You can also find these at the dollar store or amazon. 

The take away from this...... a lot of things can be found in your own house and repurposed or thing at your local Dollar Store. It's just how you mix high in with cheap to look like a million dollars. 

Flowers and Styling by Ash + OAK

Photography by Cheers Babe

Calligraphy by Arrow Art

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Though we hate color it's fun to challenge ourselves once and awhile. This cute teen photo shoot was the perfect time to use bright florals. We get request for colorful bright weddings but we prefer to use muted tones. Sometime you have to try new things!

Florals By US!

Makeup: Artistry By Amy

Photography: Tenley Clark Photography 

Wardrobe Styling: Jeneffer Jones

Prop Styling: Lili Brumme




We are moving up north!

We are trilled to announce are we expanding to Mendocino, Sonoma and Lake County ! We are accepting weddings for 2018 in the Bay Area as well as up North for no additional travel fees. We will keep our studio in Oakland and we are opening a second studio in Willits, CA.

We are expanding for two reason, first we fall in love with Mendocino this summer. The quiet and laid back vibe is exactly what we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of SF and Oakland. The friendly people and the rad venues, equals a no brainer.  From Philo's Apple Farm to Ella's Farmhouse there is no better place to get married. We are so excited to work with vendors like Fern Foot, Lucille Lawrence and Holly Shankland. Second we are going to start farming our own flowers. 

Yes, we got our own farm! This winter we will be prepping our land to harvest are favorite flowers. We will be farming ranunculus, black tulips and so much more. We can't wait to watch our flowers grow from seeds to blooms and see them in the hands of our brides and grooms. 

Stayed tuned for all the new and exciting things!

Venue: Ella's Farmhouse (Mendocino Floral Design)

Photos: Holly Shankland

Looking to throw a Fiesta

Sometimes you just need to get some girlfriends and pals together for a fiesta. If you talk to anyone I know, they will tell you one thing about me, I love anything Mexican.

I took 3 months off a few years ago just to become a beach bum in Mexico. It was the best time of my life. Living outside of Sayulita, Nayarit was nothing but a dream. I would get up every morning take a few steps from my apartment to the beach and head off for a run and swim. After my morning exercise I would go back to my place make some coffee and breakfast. Oh, they have the best coconut cream for coffee. My best friend/roommate Sarah and Stella (her dog) would wake up and  meet in me in the kitchen to talk about what hidden beach or little town we were going to discover that day. We would pack our lunches and head out. After reading, sunbathing and swimming all day I would take another run, mediate and cook dinner. Sarah and I would watch the sunset on the beach or our rooftop with our rum and coke. We would talk about what wanted to do with our lives or dream about what we would buy on our trip if we had more than $10 a day to live. That was my happy place and I never talk like that. 

I started going to Mexico when I was only 5 years old. My grandparents lived in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and I would visit them at least once a year. My favorite memory is me hanging out on the beach in front of Chili Peppers. Chili Peppers became our family's go to restaurant. The owner had a son my age and we basically grew up together. I remember spending the Y2K New Years Eve at the Chili Peppers. They let me pour all of my own drinks behind the bar, even though I was only 15 (16 in 12 days). My grandmother was dancing on the table that night as well. Since both of my grandparents have past I have only been to Mazatlan once. I dream about it all the time. If I close my eyes I can remember the smell of the sheets in my room and I can hear the sound of the ocean from my window. 

By far Mexican food is my favorite food of all time. From the burrito trucks in Oakland to the home made carne papas in Mexico. Something about the spicy and salty flavors I can't control myself. But chips and salsa is my life. I could eat chips and salsa everyday. I am pretty sure I tried in High School when calories didn't matter. My step grandfather is Mexican and when I made him my pico de gallo he said he almost died. That was the best complement I have ever received. 

So, when I got an email from a few friends asking me to design some florals for a Mexican fiesta I said "YES". This was a no brainer for me. I'm pretty sure I have more Mexican accent decor in my house than most Mexican restaurants. 

The first flower that popped into my head was definitely bougainvillea. Sarah and I stayed in a neighborhood called bougainvillea when we were visiting Guadalajara. My second thought was straw flowers. Something about the colors and feel remind me of  the artisan of Mexico. I chose terra cotta vases because my grandmother only had them in her garden. In Mexico they have round/oval shapes, unlike our triangular terra cotta plant pots. The bright shades of pinks and yellow add a soft but fun touch to the cactus and cobalt blue glassware and accents.

This party was a dream come true. Studio DBI was phenomenal. I love her touch of churros. No party in Mexico is complete without some kind of sweet. Oh Na La created the coolest menus and fortune tellers. My lady Michaela for Michaela Joy Photography capture every detail with grace though she just got off a flight from France. We pulled off the fiesta of the year. 

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