San Francisco Flower Market

The San Francisco Flower market is one of the best parts of our jobs. Walking around in the morning, viewing all the beautiful flowers and seeing all the wonderful faces is why it's so easy to get up at 5am. Not only do we buy flowers here, we have made friends. We stop by and say hi to Ron and Lupe even if we aren't buying from them that day.  We chat about futbol, families and swap recipe. This place has become our second home away from our studio. But the city feels that the land beneath this building, full of joy and jobs is more valuable than the market. Not only would this be devastating to all the employees and florists in the city but it is shutting down history. This city is already loosing so much life from the high-rise of the tech industry we would hate to see genuine blue collar jobs disappear. The city states they will relocate the vendors while under construction but the fear is these vendors can not survive the move. The city also proposes not to move the market but keep them here while under construction. For customers like us walking through the market at dawn peacefully browsing through thousand of flowers will be bother by noisy construction and more traffic. Please help support the market and local florist who buy supplies from San Francisco's last gem.