Mother's day is just a few hours away. In honor of my mother, I wanted to share a little bit about the woman who made me who I am today.

My mother has three children: my older bother, myself and my younger sister. She raised my bother and I on her own, working two or three jobs to support us and somehow managed to give us everything we needed. She finally caught a break and fell in love with my stepfather. He gave her the freedom to stay at home and be there for me while I was in high school. They had my younger sister the year I turned 18 and I've had the joy of watching her become the best soccer mom a daughter could hope for. My mother is also a wonderful grandmother to my nephew. I am surprised how my teenage nephew volunteers three weeks of his summer to hang out at his grandma's house. Throughout all these years she has made a strong effort to keep us together and close.  

She is why I have confidence and courage. She taught me to love myself. Growing up she was full of compliments, always reminding us how beautiful we were inside and out.  

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