Lizy + Sam's Vermont Wedding

Ash + OAK was honored to fly across the country to Vermont for our favorite couple Lizy and Sam. They got married in Williston, Vermont on Farm Isham . The bride fell in love with Sam a few years back while picking blueberries on Farm Isham.

Our theme was inspired by the grooms passion for cooking and all things related.  We wanted to  use only food related items such as rosemary, sage, lavender, maple tree, artichoke, fig, and olive. However we couldn't forget to add a little touch of California and there is no better way to represent Northern California than using eucalyptus. We all agreed it was the prefect touch though we had to break the edible rule. 

The bridesmaids wore olive branch crowns and carried bundles of herbs. The groom wore a hop boutonniere from Addison Hop Farm in Vermont and the groomsmen wore natural dyed Lavender ties created by Jytte Designs.  

One thing we learned about Vermont was the locals love for beer, the groom being one of them. We were determined to give this groom more than a hop boutonniere. The fresh hops were picked at 7am the day of the wedding, were hung on the chandeliers of the barn and covered our oven rack installation we created. Fun fact we learned about hops, wear long sleeves when working with hops. We have tons of scratches to remember these beauties. 

Farmer Mike was a true gem from Vermont. His farm is full of history and beauty. Juna and I truly fell in love once we stepped on the grass. Farmer Mike was not only amazing to work with but he taught us about Vermont, maple syrup and Farm Isham.  Farmer Mike let us transform his beautiful restored barn into our Vintage European farm to table inspired wedding.

Nikole founder of Little Branch Events was a fantastic coordinator. This wasn't our first destination wedding but defiantly the furtherest. Nikole was so communicative it truly saved us.  Nikole is another gem of Vermont. We hope we get to work together again on either coast!