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We are looking forward to learning more about you. Please allow 24-48 business hours for our response, though we usually don’t take that long. During this time we will review your inspiration and pins, organize our thoughts/questions and check our availability. Inquiries sent during the late summer and fall (our peek wedding season), may take us a few extra days to response (sorry). During this time we are off site executing one of a kind weddings and giving our current couples 100% of our attention. Trust us, you will receive 100% of our attention during your wedding week too.

Our business hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9am-4pm. Yes, we check our emails on Sunday and Monday but we wont respond until Tuesday.

In addition to weddings, we are available for weekly subscriptions, editorial work, interior styling, and restaurants. 

Northern California Top Wedding and Event Florist Ash + Oak

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$5,500- $6,500 was our average wedding in 2019
The more information the better. This helps us decide if we are the right florist for you!
Established 2014 in Oakland, California