Your weddings is a huge investment, whether your eloping on top of a mountain or getting married on a private estate with 250 guest. This investment, like any sizable purchase, shouldn't be taken lightly. You want everything to be perfect, as you should . We can’t control the rain or snow but we can deliver spectacular wild flowers.

Our flowers come from the best farms in California, these are not grocery store flowers or prices. What you could buy at Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods are not floral designer quality. Though Pinterest suggest it’s an easy DIY, it’s not that easy. We have years of experience, multiple people and all the correct tools. You don’t want to be standing on your feet the two days before your wedding prepping and creating arrangements. If you do BEWARE, your nails will be a wreck. You should be enjoying your friends and family who flew in a few days early or taking the time to get a massage or yoga class. Your investment is to have a stress free week.

When you do make the investment, get that Instagram worthy centerpiece, it goes through a huge pre-production and post-production . Our mornings start as early as 5am and we work straight for 14-16 hours loading, unloading, standing and hanging out in the cold. We do this for 4 to 5 days in a row to complete your dream wedding. The day of, you may not see us at all but we have been up for hours and probably dangling by a thread on a ladder installing your beautiful ceremony backdrop.

We want to make sure you hire your perfect floral designer. You want their work to resonate with you and your partner. Do you believe in the small business? Do you want one on one experience? Do you share the same vibes and ideas about weddings as your floral designer? We hope you want to invest in Ash + Oak and our small business.