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Nomad Workshops
Nomad Workshops
Nomad Workshops
Nomad Workshops


Nomad workshops and shootouts are curated for beginners, seasoned photographers and other wedding vendors interested in adventure and learning.  We want to offer an affordable way to learn more, make a community, get content and have fun. Oh, yeah and not have to do any of the heavy lugging, coordinating or tough BEHIND THE SCENES work because we are doing it all for YOU. Trust me, we are only doing it because  we are getting paid. Aren’t you as tired as us? Doing all this leg work for hopes to get blogged and have a few pics to use. Now you can sit back and enjoy the perks (and the coffee).

Weather you're looking to fill your portfolio with trendy new content, update your website, learn a few new tricks or get out and meet other like minded creatives, Nomad is the perfect opportunity.

What is a Nomad Workshop?  Our workshops are a place for all who need help taking photos of their work and peps just looking for rad content/ stock photos. At our workshop we will have two hours dedicated to speakers giving the inside view from their perspective in the industry, pricing, booking clients, and so much more. During our workshops we will have 3 set up and ready to go shootouts. We will include all three meals, great freebies, and a ton of usable and ahead of the trend  content. Don’t forget one on one experience to learn from our hosts and speakers.

What is a Nomad Shootout? A shootout is a styled or themed session that provides hands on learning for anyone who wants to learn . You will need to have your own camera and an open mind. Shoot as you please!

We will have at our first Workshop/shootout is 3 sets, 1 styled coupled including hair, makeup and wardrobe, 1 tablescape and 1 solo editorial style bride. Plus Ash + Oak will be bringing every prop she has in stock for you play around with and create flat lays. Ashley will guide and teach you cool easy tricks to make your flat lay Vogue ready. Each attendee will have the opportunity to shoot each subject in their own creative way with plenty of time.  We will have so much to do at all times there won’t be any standing around unless you feel like taking a break.

Our location is chosen by the lovely Nomad Team and are different every time.

SHOOTOUT DATE:  May 18th, 2019

LOCATION: The Shootout will take place within the Bay Area. Exact location will be shared with attendee's 1 week before the shootout date (due to weather we like to keep it open) Trust us it will be beautiful and wild. We will supple travel to and from each location. Please bring layers as it may get cold, come on guys it’s the Bay you should already know this. The day will start around 10am and end at 9pm. We will be meeting for coffee and tea in the morning to meet everyone and get on the same page. Once we have all arrived and settle in we will have our first speaker talk a little about the Industry. These tropics range from pricing, vendor community, locations, Instagram and so much more.

After our great discussion we will load up and head out. At the location are models will be waiting for you! NO waiting around for hair and makeup we will ready to go.  You can enjoy taking great photos and snacking on the lunch we provide for you throughout the day.

During this amazing day we will ask you to put your camera down and step in front of our camera. Diana will be taking headshots for your personal use. You can never have too many headshots or pics for your Instagram.

After we all have had enough time to get the excellent content you need we will pack back up (leave no trace behind) and head to dinner. At dinner which is much deserved after this long day we will have open discussions about the day and have another speaker talk about on of the above topics.

This Is For You If…

  • You’re looking to connect with likeminded, creative individuals

  • You’re ready for a mini adventure

  • You want to learn all about using Instagram for business

  • You’re inspired by travel and adventure,

  • You want to gain confidence using your camera

  • You want to build your portfolio with beautiful pictures

  • You believe that taking time to experience, slow down, and connect with like minded people is just as important as the “hustle”

  • You know that nothing great was ever built over night

  • You are interested in or have questions about any of the following: social media, Instagram, blogging, styling, vendor love, email list building, branding, photography, or editing!

  • You have an open mind and heart

This Is NOT For You If…

  • You’re a very nervous around groups

  • You’re afraid to try or don’t enjoy pushing yourself

  • You aren’t flexible and don’t enjoy “going with the flow”

The Nomad Team Includes

Ashley and Katie from Ash + Oak Floral

Diana from Dia Photography

Participating Vendors:

Glossy Mark

Smudges Inprint

Real Couples/ Models: Will be release the week prior in your welcome packet.


Oh Yes, we will have sponsors. We can’t take all your money and not give you something! We have amazing sponsors we handpicked with all sorts of goodies.  Some of these amazing goodies will be props and details in our shootouts, others are just freebies.

~ If you take any photos of these products please remember everyone loves a free tag

A sneak peak of our sponsors:

Venturing Out

Portland Sangria

Krochet Kids

Once you buy your ticket, there is a little place for you to add any comments or ideas you want to learn about. We would love your feedback so we talk about the most important topics to you and everyone else.

We will also offer alumni packages too. You can come to all of our workshops and shootout for a discounted rate.

BTW, We love promoting within and will help you build your business. If you think you have a great idea, lesson or trick to share with the world and want to become a speaker with Nomad just ask!

Nomad Workshops
Nomad Workshops
Nomad Workshops
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