Wow what a year! This year we took on less weddings because we wanted to focus on weddings that were truly our style and who we are and I think we nailed it. There isn’t one wedding this year I wouldn’t post or rave about.

If you are a wild, moody, alternative, modern, crazy, one of kind, daredevil, adventurous COUPLE, we are your florist. We don't copy the trends on Pinterest, we are create the new trends. Our brides this year have given us more power to do want we want and trust me it was worth it. Take a look for yourself.... 


Last year we started experimenting with Art Directing and discovered we love it. It's nice to step away from flowers once and awhile and challenge our creative talent. When Floral and Fauna beauty products found us at the beginning of the year we were thrilled they wanted us, Ash + Oak to create content for their Instagram and website. A beautiful, charming, funny and driving group of twenties somethings girls are setting the bar high by creating all natural, cruelty free beauty products. We received a few samples as thank you gifts and trust us, they know what they are doing. 

As for styling, we wanted to take their affordable line and create a luxury feel. We combined muted tones, crystal elements and minimal textures. 

Products: Floral and Fauna

Photography: Ellen Shershow

Established 2014 in Oakland, California