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I’ve been thinking about this post for a while but wasn’t sure if this would help couples understand the cost or confuse them more. The hardest part of my job is pricing. We want to give every couple everything but unfortunately, we can’t. Unlike photographer we have to buy product just like your caterer. The world of Pinerest and wedding blogs allows you to dream big but if your on a tight budget you need to me more realistic. If only each pin had the price below. Well that’s what I am going to do for you.

Above Wedding $4,500 -$5,000 (120 people including delivery, tax, flip and installation 2018)

Even when blogs mention the cost it’s not totally accurate. First, the level of florist determines the price as well as the location. A novice floral designer verse someone that’s been around for 5 or more years is greatly different. The novice florist hasn’t figured out how to price correctly, wants to book everything they can for the experience, needs photos of their work and they need to get the word out. I know this from personal experience. Trust me the things I did the first years was crazy. I gave everyone everything for free. A floral designer like us, who has done close to 100 weddings or more has the experience, understands cost, has more employees and takes only weddings they want to do, prices correctly. Than there are the floral designers that I dream to be, who only take 10 weddings a year at $30,000 flower budget weddings. Sadly for the normal couple these imagines are the ones getting pinned the most.

Above wedding $8,00 -$8,500 (200 people including delivery, tax, flip and installation 2017)

To top it off floral designer are creating these amazing one of kind styled shoots that come directly out of our pocket at cost but would be quit different at a real wedding. I am ashamed to say I have spent over $500 in cost on ONE installation for a style shoot. Plus the time I had to create this install wasn’t a two hour wedding window, so I didn’t need to pay two or three employees. The over styled shoot cost me close to $1,000 and it was just a ceremony back drop, bridal bouquet, boutonniere and a centerpiece. Now times that by how many items you need. It’s not particle the things we design to get blogged about for real weddings. Another reason installations cost as much as we need to rent larger vans, taller ladders and sometimes a lift ($400 to rent).

Bridal Bouquet $250

Bridal Bouquet $250

So, I decided to share with you some of our weddings and how much they really cost give or take a few hundred (I don’t know if the couples really want anyone to know). Just because you love one of the weddings and it’s out of your budget doesn’t mean we can’t work around things. All I ask is to think about what you’re pinning to what you can actually afford. Most all centerpieces from any florist who knows what they are doing, cost at least $100. If you have 20 tables it’s gonna be close to $2,000 plus tax and delivery. I have said this before, you can’t get an arrangement from 1-800-flowers with delivery for under $80 so why would you think your wedding would be much different. At weddings we use high end flowers, vases and to make 15 arrangements in one day is much harder than a paint by numbers boring basic 1-800 bouquet.

Large Centerpiece $175

Large Centerpiece $175

More example below……

$5,500- $6,000 (125 people including delivery, tax and installation 2018)

$125 Centerpiece

$125 Centerpiece

$125 Centerpiece

$125 Centerpiece

$45 Corsages

$45 Corsages

Ceremony Decor $450

Ceremony Decor $450


Fall autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love watching the colors change from green to orange to red. If I ever decide to get married I would defiantly elope in the fall. Something about an Indian Summer and the dead leaves really wins me over. These mood board are inspiration for my dream elopement. 


Picking colors for you wedding can be hard. You love mauve and purple but your other half doesn't want a girlie wedding. Your favorite color is blue and he/she loves red but you don't want your wedding to read fourth of July. Our suggestion is stay far away from team sports and holiday colors by using muted tones or a scale of one or two colors. 

Just because you want to use blue as a focal color you don't need to use blue flowers. Use the color blue in the bridesmaids dresses, napkins or plates. Keep your flowers neutral so they add texture and flow with the room. 

Don't use white flowers because you can't decide. Pick all of you details first linens, plates, tables, tuxes, and invites than decide. Don't limit yourself to white because you think it's easy. Sometimes it's to stark against the beautiful off white table linen.

See our example color schemes that look expensive and amazing but could end up all wrong if you pick plain primary colors.

YELLOW AND GREEN (hint-green doesn't look great on anyone)

BLUE AND RED (hint-don't use white for anything, not even the bridal dress)


During my first phone call with Tana back in October of 2017, I knew I was going to love her. Everything she mentioned were words I had been hoping to hear for years, moody, dark, a little witchy yet subtle. She has this amazing aura and you will be completely drawn to her as soon as you see her. Tana is one of the most beautiful women I know but funny and down to earth. When we met in person for the first time it felt as if we had been friends forever. I love when a couple is someone I continue to know well after the wedding. 

Venue: The Island Farm

Photographer: Bethany Carlson

Floral By Us!

Tents: Shelter Co. 


Dreaming of a mod couple looking for something modern and fresh. Envisioning a wild black and white print dress with a sleek black bob. The ceremony would be located by the pool in the backyard of a mid century home with a mix of colorful chairs. The reception would be located on the other side of the pool. One long row of tables with a yellow table linen with a black flower print. The chairs would be as colorful as the ceremony. The DJ would be playing old records all night long. There would have be chaise lounge chairs and couches sectioned off for cigar bars and martini refills. A prefect mix of simple modern with a play of color. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.24.40 PM.png


Our biggest secret is forging. We love to forge through the woods, neighborhood and abandon parking lots. You find the best stuff and unusual things you can't find at the market.  Smokebush is one of our favorite foliage to use and it's bloomin all over the East Bay. You may notice we use a lot of dried foliage as well, 90% of the dried foliage is from forging while we are taking long road trips. My boyfriend hates when I stop and forge in the middle of the highway.  Not only is he worried about my safety, which is sweet but our car is constantly filled with dead leaves and dirt. That's the price my loved one has to pay. #floristlife 

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